Your ready cross-platform video
calling and instant messaging app
from QuickBlox

Connect your employees, membership, congregation, and social networks easily and quickly, together with app store deployment using the Q-municate application.
Q-municate is offered as a managed service or as a one off source code software license for iOS, Android, and the web with tons of communication features.

The application is bundled with the QuickBlox server. You can use Q-municate with full support and with any QuickBlox subscription that suits your business.
Q-Municate is an messenger application that works across iOS, android, and Web devices powering feature-rich communication between users. Together with the QuickBlox platform as your communication backend and Q-Municate as your app, you can immediately deploy your own messenger application for your community of users.
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Main features
Our cross-platform apps work natively across iOS, Android, and the web to enable you to communicate everywhere
High-quality peer to peer and group messaging, audio & video calling built on solid XMPP & WebRTC technologies
Clean UI / UX with simple, beautiful, and easy to use mobile apps.
Integrate with your existing user-management system. End users can also register via their mobile phones (SMS) or social networking accounts.
File-sharing, content storage, screen-sharing, and push notifications all included in all apps.
Manage users in the network create public/private chats and groups with whoever you want in the network.
Security and privacy by design, encrypted data options and encrypted connections.
Regulatory compliant with HIPAA compliant hosting and dedicated support options together with GDPR.
White-label rebranding and small UI customizations are included in the price.
Why Q-Municate?
Save Time

Need a dedicated messaging app for your company or organization in a Covid-19 world? Don't hire a large team and spend months / years developing from scratch
Save Money

Building a ready messenger app is expensive. Using our out-of-the-box apps saves a lot when compared to developing your own app.
Available Now with Support

Get your messenger application today. We deliver the application & source code in days so you can rapidly start deploying your apps to the iTunes store or Google Play and provide an uptime guarentee and SLA
Dedicated server setups combine the scalability of cloud and security of owning your servers
Existing QuickBlox users can easily add a ready messaging app for all your users. Services can be hosted in your own private cloud.
No license restrictions. Once you receive the source code, you can use it for your commercial activity immediately.
Additional services for Enterprise Customers
Professional Services

Consultancy for customisations & modifications by QuickBlox developers to assist with integration / white labelling
More Security Options

The app can be configured according to the security requirements of your organisation with encryption. Deployment for each platform can be managed by the QuickBlox team
Add Ons

Extra add-ons and 3rd-party integrations can be developed for your use case when needed.
Possible use cases
You can use the ready Q-Municate apps to create private communication platforms for your doctors, nurses or anyone working in your hospital or clinic. Users can be exclusive to your own user base and restrict access to unauthorized users.
Banks and Corporations
Link Q-Municate to your intranet / employee directory and create and internal messaging apps for employee communication. Ensure employees communicate with one another in controlled user groups. Control sensitive information and communication.
Q-Municate can be used by any branch of government that wishes to connect their staff, such as an internal communication platform for a police force. Since QuickBlox can be deployed to any private cloud (on the enterprise plan), it is now possible to have both the frontend and backend under your local control.
Link together students, teachers, classes, and schools in private member based communities.
eCommerce & Marketplaces
Add the members of your marketplace in one place, connect buyers and sellers, connect your sales team to customers in a dedicated network.
Social Networks, Communities, and Churches
Link all the members of your interest groups, in your community, and your congregation in the same network. Enable real time content sharing & communication within your network.
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